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Stepping Stone Hunger

I'm constantly hungry for the next role and opportunity. Even though I do view this career and life as a stepping-stone journey, it is nice to experience glimpses of progression and success.

I'm hungry to explore, make stronger choices, and develop meaningful characters to supplement someone's passionate writing/story.

There's peace in knowing that hard, consistent work, and practice will lead to the next goal, and then the next.

BUT, It can be scary not knowing what is next in store. There is also beauty in that. It's an adventure and a ride.

No, I'm not an A-list actor and no I don't have a role lined up for me, but I'm happy on this pursuit. Actors shouldn't be too hard on themselves, especially when not experiencing "success" suddenly.

We are going for what we love and that is all we can do. Everything will work out.

#actor #journey #career #love

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