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Collaborating with other artists adds complexity and a bigger vision

We are about to move into principal photography on "Am I" this coming weekend. As we get closer to filming projects that I'm directing, I often get anxious and want to second guess myself.

Brandon and Avery always bring ease and confidence to projects. They contribute their ideas for the project and make the vision of it even more complex and bigger than I could imagine by myself.

Talking with creative friends and planning shots/the edit out really help to get me excited and remind me that what we are doing can be good!

They push me to be better at what I'm doing and push each project to be stronger.

It's awesome to see where a project starts at and where it ends up. Collaboration is amazing in the fact that it becomes many people's minds/craft molded into one bigger picture.

I'm excited for "Am I" and am very grateful for everyone involved in this project. I'm grateful that people are willing to get behind a story and support it to become it's greatest potential.

#scifi #nmfilm #enmu #AmI #collaboration

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