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"Am I" Short Film- Wrap on Day One

Darby Cavanaugh, actress, Am I, sci-fi, short film

Darby Cavanaugh in my new short film "Am I". We filmed the cafe scenes of "Am I" this past weekend at The Java Loft in Clovis, NM!

I'm extremely pleased with how the footage turned out. Avery and my whole crew did an awesome job. I love the performances as well and hope that the actors are happy with how it comes together.

I was nervous going into this past weekend. After reviewing the footage and seeing what we got, I'm even more pumped to make this film.

We film the rest of the movie next weekend in Hobbs.

We will see more of the "World" that the androids live in and see more of their robotic selves. The intimate/warm cafe scenes will be an interesting juxtaposition with the more sci-fi scenarios of the film.

Maybe the audience will even have a relief and forget that they're watching a "Sci-fi" movie during the cafe scenes. I intend on the audience looking into the relationships of the characters above all else.

Can't wait to keep working on this movie to share with people May 10th!

#director #actress #shortfilm #scifi #filmmaking #javaloft

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