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Today's Special: No longer "Pizza Pals"

We've been filming our first season of "Today's Special". This web series is about pizza delivery friends/co-workers who get caught up in dealing cocaine and the troubles that come with drugs.

My good friend Michael Poynor is helping me with the story and is the cinematographer! He also plays alongside me as "Chris". My character is "Evan".

Alex Bizon and Ethan Bilbrey are helping us to write the series. Ethan also has a role in two of the episodes.

Sydney Henderson is playing another co-worker at Big Rush Pizza named "Ellie". She introduces the drugs and creates crisis in Evan and Chris's lives.

We are shooting a 10 episode series and will release it on Youtube hopefully starting early July. It'll run weekly.

"Today's Special" has been a challenging and fun experience so far. I can't wait to get this project finished up and shared with everyone!

#webseries #pizza #cocaine #filmmaking #newmedia #youtube

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