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"Am I" short film after a month of being complete!

The last short film that I directed as a college student titled "Am I" has been complete for a month now! I am working on submitting it to festivals and trying to get it screened. So far, this is my favorite film to have directed. It's more of an emotional experience than a logical one.

"Am I" got it's first rejection letter a few weeks ago from one of the film festivals. They explained that some of the judges didn't understand the story fully, which I expected to happen. I wanted to create a film with a little ambiguity and allow for audience members to piece it together and take something unique to themselves from it.

We'll see how the rest of this "distribution" phase goes! Just working on multiple projects now to keep myself busy.

Until next time!

#shortfilm #AmI #DarbyCavanaugh #JeffreyMWilliams #BrandonJCarter

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