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"Two Can Play" short film

This film has been the longest running shoot that I have directed. (From the principal photography aspect)

We are coming up on day 5 of filming. Day 1 was June 9th. It's now September 3rd. Hopefully will shoot our final day here in the next few weeks!

Even though it's been a long process, it feels like it's been the most legit short film project. We got to film with a cop car at a car wash location as well as a bank location! Lots of growth and learning how to produce on a higher level with "Two Can Play".

I'm directing, acting in, and producing this one. A lot of watching playback every time I'm in the scene. It's more difficult to not be able to stare at the monitor while the scene plays out...

The other actors kill it with minimal takes, but I'm very picky with myself.

Brandon Carter, Jeremiah Phillips, Bryce Dylan, and Devin Miles play in this short!

Avery Pelzman is the Director of Photography, Katy Denman is wearing many hats (AC, Script Sup, and many others), Clarissa Anello is our Still Photographer and Makeup Artist, Jeremiah Phillips is Sound Mixing, and Michael Poyner has also been helping with Sound Mixing.

Amazing things are happening in Albuquerque and I can't be more proud of the professionalism and skill brought by every person on this set.

Excited to share this film and show my take on a bank robbery.

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