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"Bring the Gun" is complete and no longer "Two Can Play"

The Short Film is complete! All of post-production is done and now this short can start screening at festivals. It has gone through a name change from "Two Can Play" to "Bring the Gun". It's still the same movie that we have been working on all these months.

It was a very long process in post, mostly due to the sound design. I became very picky in trying to make it all sound accurate and blend together. Only one sound that is used in the movie was actually recorded while filming. That's the sound of the bank door being slammed into and opened. I estimate that I spent 100 hours just on the sound design (Sound Effects, ADR, Foley, Roomtone, Mixing and Mastering).

I'm excited to share our Modern Western, Thriller "Bring the Gun". It'll screen at The Guild Cinema this coming Wednesday, January 15th.

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