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Post-Show Blues

Well... We finished our first block of filming our horror feature film "The Hundred Voices of Harry Hoffman" this past Sunday. It's pretty much a wrap for my onscreen performance. And it's weird. I have projects that I'll continue and collaborate with other people here shortly, but this week right after wrapping has been bittersweet. I'm glad to have the acting in the can, but I was really looking forward to this character and I liked exploring and discovering him. I feel connected to Harry. It's a little sad to be done.

This week, it seems like it's been hard to sleep and I'm a little restless. I'll wake up in the middle of the night thinking that I need to be acting. Or that I have all the old-age makeup on still and that there is a camera in front of me. It's sad to leave a character. Maybe I don't feel closure, because there is still a lot of work to be done and everything we filmed (of course) was out of sequence from the order of the script. I still have some voice-over work to do and a little bit of ADR. I'm excited to give it all for Harry on those pieces as well.

I just wanted to write this and maybe see if other actors get post-show blues? Whether that being in film, television, theatre, whatever the medium is. If so, how do these feelings come out for others? Are you sad to be done with the project in general or is there that connection to a character that you've enjoyed finding and living in? Sadness from missing the family you built with the cast and crew giving their time and respect to your projects and filmmaking? I know the feeling always passes, but it's interesting to me to sit in it and try to define. I feel that it's a normal thing that we all experience to some degree.

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